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      Academic Sampling policy

      Working together with the academic world to deliver breakthrough products

      Jincheng Hua Mei Rui Ze Advanced Material Co., Ltd has supplied samples of standard products to the academic community for research purposes. Attached is an Academic Response Form that must be completed. If all required fields are not filled in, Jincheng Hua Mei Rui Ze Advanced Material Co., Ltd will not be able to respond to the request.

      Guidelines for Completing the Academic Response Form

      Please note that all fields marked by * are mandatory.  The shipping address must be an academic institution.

      Product Name

      Use the name of the requested product, as listed on the Standard Zeolite Powders page.

      Product Quantity and Billing

      ·The maximum sample quantity is 10g .  A maximum of 10g of material will be supplied on a semiannual basis to the same institution.

      ·The charge is free for domestic institute.There are no exceptions to this policy.

      Requests for samples will be processed only upon receipt of a written purchase order, which must be mailed/faxed to the attention of:

      Customer Service 

      Jincheng Hua Mei Rui Ze Advanced Material Co., Ltd

      1665 Fengtai West Street, Suite 303

      Jincheng, Shanxi 048000

      Tel: 0356-2130155


      Email: office_hmrz@163.com


      ·Sample request will not be processed until receipt of a written purchase order as detailed above or credit card information.

      ·Typical properties are listed on the Jincheng Hua Mei Rui Ze web site. No additional analytical data will be supplied.

      ·Incomplete response forms will not be processed, and no notification identifying the missing information will be sent.

      ·Requests for information regarding processing, synthesis, pricing, project design and molecular formulation, etc., will not be supplied.

      This policy will be strictly enforced. 

      Pleace complete the form in Online Message page.

      Copyright  Jincheng Hua Mei Rui Ze Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. All rights reserved