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      About Us
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      Jincheng Hua Mei Rui Ze Advanced Materials Co., Ltd founded in 2011 by a group of engineers and scientists overseas, combines the product development and manufacturing expertise in nano-sized ZSM-5 zeolites and catalysts .The company has a number of intellectual property rights, and continues to develop new products, provide external customized manufacturing and technical services.

      Our main products are nano-sized ZSM-5 and catalysts. Our nano-zeolites have high specific surface area, good adsorption properties, and high catalytic activity. Our materials have been used as catalysts in refinery, petrochemical, and fine chemical processes, as adsorbents and catalysts in environmental applications, as molecular sieves in size separation applications, and as multifunctional materials in a variety of applications.

      We establish cooperative relations with Tsinghua University,Tianjin University, Institute of Coal Chemistry of Chinese Academy of Sciences and other well-known colleges, universities and research institutes. We undertake a number of scientific and technological research programs , and one of the latest scientific research achievements of diesel engine exhaust treatment with nano-sized mesoporous ZSM-5 molecular sieve has been included in the industrial transformation and upgrading project of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in 2014.

      Our company is supported with overseas R&D group and a highly qualified technical services team. With the spirit of "people-oriented for a better future", we focus on creating a internationalized business model of technology and manufacture in China.

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